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    New EP extract from a split vinyl with DECIBELLES

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(free) 03:52


released May 6, 2011

pics : Christophe Levet



all rights reserved


EinZweiDreiVier! Grenoble, France

Intensité hardcore, mélancolie coldwave, et rythmiques post-punk. De la vitalité à revendre, quinze ans d’expérience et une sincérité musicale qui vous met des frissons dès la première écoute. Vous connaissez EinZweiDreiVier! ?

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Track Name: Silent
I'm middle class
get used to be ignored
i will never be the champ'
history won't ever be, sorry for me

That is a price to pay
from my confort and my silent
My happyness is meaningless
That is the price to pay

Grabbing for any contact
i can make
my strongest feelings
vanish is into nothing

there is no darkness
there is no light
on ly a single rail track
i follow until i fall
Track Name: Beat the Product (feat. Madam Jesus, Decibelles)
What you gonna do
turn into somtehing new
you'ven't got no chance
you're just like anyone else
taking that reverse stance
you haven't got a chance
you won't make any difference
taking that reverse stance

you're having a good time
but that won't last
flushing boredom
going into the store
Track Name: Ad nauseam
Hiding myself
from the whole game
i can't pretend
to be what they see

this role game
i don't want to play
this is no arrongance
truth is irrelevent

Even the facts are misleading
no matter the ending
you do you thing
i feel completely empty

Satisfaction fell like an illusion
sharing is not a solution